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VAT accounting software standard
The British Standards Institution (BSI) was commissioned by HMRC to develop a Publicly Available Specification (PAS) on requirements for VAT accounting software in the UK. Our aim in introducing this voluntary standard across the software industry, is to help businesses get their VAT right first time and reduce common errors in VAT declarations.

SpACE - Spreadsheet Auditing from Customs & Excise
KPMG Consulting report that 95% of the financial models they review contain material errors. We have devised the SpACE system (and software) to ensure that you don’t fall prey to the same errors. Use the link above to get a full description of SpACE and contact details.

Risk assessment and audit methodology
Be sure your spreadsheets are fit for the purpose they were intended and are not putting your company at risk. In this section we outline what we mean by risk, explain how the risk assessment will highlight problem areas for you, and suggest the sort of testing you should be doing yourself.

To see more detail of the principles of our audit methods, use the Methodology for the Audit of Spreadsheet Models

Once you are familiar with the principles and value of a spreadsheet audit you may wish to see some demonstrations of our SpACE software and then make contact with us to receive your copy of the software.

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See the VAT FAQs if you have any queries.