Alcohol Information Sheets

HMRC Reference:Excise Info Sheet 07/13

Update to Excise Information Sheet (13) 04 on the accession of Croatia to the EU
Effect on the export and import of excise goods when Croatia joins the EU.

HMRC Reference:Excise Info Sheet 06/13

Changes for Denatured Alcohol from 1 July 2013
Details of the change to the formulation for Completely Denatured Alcohol being introduced on 1 July 2013.

HMRC Reference:Excise Info Sheet 05/13

Exportation of excise goods - the procedures to be followed
Information about the procedures to be followed to enable dispatching warehousekeepers, who export excise goods to non-EU countries, to correctly close the excise duty suspended movement on EMCS.

HMRC Reference:Excise Info Sheet 04/13

Accession of Croatia to the European Union on 1 July 2013
Information about Croatia joining the European Union on 1 July 2013 and its effect on the export and import of excise goods.

HMRC Reference:Excise Info Sheet 03/13

Export declaration - Special treatment - Single Transport Contract
Use of the Single Transport Contract simplification when exporting excise goods in duty suspension.

HMRC Reference:Excise Info Sheet 11/12

Authorisation requirements for rectifiers and compounders of spirits
Infromation Sheet setting out the authorisation requirements for rectifiers and compounders of spirits

HMRC Reference:Excise Info Sheet 12/12

Third party destructions
Information about the destruction of excise goods at third party destruction sites.

HMRC Reference:Excise Info Sheet 07/12

Alcohol and Tobacco Warehouse Declarations
Relocation of the National Warrant Processing Centre (NWPC) and the National Warehouse Return Unit (NWRU). Form W1 (Completion Notes) and Notices 196 and 197 will be updated in due course.

HMRC Reference:Excise Info Sheet 06/12

Information on the application or affixing of UK duty stamps
Information on the application of UK duty stamps where packaging or shrink wrap is applied over or under the duty stamp.

HMRC Reference:Excise Info Sheet 05/12

Excise Info Sheet 05/12
Alcohol and Tobacco Warehousing Declarations (ATWD), take up of the online and XML services.

HMRC Reference:Excise Info Sheet 04/12

Excise Info Sheet 04/12
Prohibition on luxury goods destined for Syria.

HMRC Reference:Excise Info Sheet 01/12

April 2012 changes to Notice 207 Excise Duty: drawback and drawback forms
Details of changes to Notice 207 Excise Duty: drawback and drawback forms.

HMRC Reference:Excise Info Sheet

Archived Alcohol Information Sheets
The National Archive website provides a snapshot of Alcohol Information Sheets that were previously published on the HMRC website.

HMRC Reference:Excise Info Sheet 03/08

Memoranda of Understanding
Informing excise businesses of the agreed revised Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with the Scotch Whisky Association and the Wine & Spirits Trade Association.

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