Tariff Classification Service


There is a web-based means of self-classifying your goods provided by UK Trade Tariff.

If, after going to the web-based Tariff there is still an uncertainty about the correct tariff classification of specific goods, advice can be sought from the Tariff Classification Service up to a maximum of 3 items.

However, you should be aware that whilst every care is taken to provide accurate advice, verbal advice is not legally binding. If there remains any element of doubt we recommend that you apply electronically for a Binding Tariff Information (BTI) ruling.

When using the advice line you will be given the opportunity to select the most appropriate route for your enquiry from a small number of options.

Option 1: Food, animals, chemicals, plastic, rubber and textiles including garments.

Option 2: Electrical and mechanical items, miscellaneous goods including printed matter, wood and vehicles.

Full product details, including analytical breakdowns where necessary, are required before a Classifier can help you.

For all other enquiries, including Duty Rates and VAT telephone the Excise and Customs helpline.

FAQs Classifying your goods

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See the VAT FAQs if you have any queries.

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