Signing up for DDES


There are two stages involved in signing up for Duty Deferment Electronic Statements (DDES) Service:

Registration and enrolment


Registration and enrolment

To enrol for the service you will require your:

  • Deferment Approval Number (DAN)
  • business postcode

If you've already enrolled for other HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) Online Services as an organisation

You may have already signed up for other HMRC Online Services, such as VAT Online or PAYE Online for employers. To add DDES to the services you use, take the following steps:

1. Log in to HMRC Online Services with your existing User ID and password.

2. On the 'Your HMRC Services' page under the 'Services you can add' section, locate ‘Duty Deferment Electronic Statements (DDES)’ and select 'Enrol for service'.

3. Enter the DAN and business postcode.

Upon successful entry of the information HMRC will send you an Activation Code to enable you to access the service.

To create a new organisation account to use DDES

1. To sign up visit and select the button to ‘Register’.

2. Choose ‘Organisation’ as the type of account and ‘Duty Deferment Electronic Statements (DDES)’ as the service.

3. Follow the steps online to create your online account and enrol for the DDES service.

Upon completion HMRC will send you an Activation Code to enable you to access the service.


Once you've received your Government Gateway Activation Code for DDES you should complete the following steps:

1. Log in to

2. Enter your User ID and password and click ‘Log in’.

3. Select ‘Activate Service’ alongside Duty Deferment Electronic Statements on the ‘Your HMRC Services page’.

4. Enter the 12 digit Activation Code. Once used successfully the Activation Code can be discarded.

Once activated the service can be accessed by visiting, selecting ‘Log in’ from the ‘Do it online’ panel and then selecting ‘Duty Deferment Electronic Statement (DDES) service’.

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