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If there are any important known issues with the Self Assessment Online service, you will find details here. You will also find advice to help you resolve the issue or work round the problem, where possible. This may help you to send your tax return on time.

If you find an issue or problem that is not covered below, you may find more advice on our website or you can contact our helpdesk.

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Current issues

Viewing PDF statements within your online account

We are aware that some customers are seeing a blank page when trying to view a PDF statement. Our IT partners have advised that in the majority of cases this is caused by incorrect settings within Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Possible solutions to this problem can be found at View, print or save forms, returns or statements - help.

If after trying the recommendations, you continue to experience this problem please contact the Online Services Helpdesk.

Agents - clients missing from client list

Some agents are experiencing problems where some of their clients are not appearing on their online client lists either at the HMRC website or at the Government Gateway.

If a client is missing from either list, please contact the Online Service Helpdesk for assistance.

This is currently under investigation.

This information was last updated on 20th October 2014.

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